Are you looking for keyless entry and other lock services in Garland, Texas and surrounding areas?

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Are you looking for keyless entry and other lock services in Garland, Texas and surrounding areas?

Key less Entry LocksIf you are looking for keyless entry and other lock services in Texas around Garland and other surrounding neighborhoods, Garland Locksmith Pros is your best bet. Give us a call at (469) 333-2599 or write to us at  to learn more about our services and pricing today.


If you have not thought about opting for keyless entry system yet maybe you should. Let us help you understand what it is, how it works and what are its benefits.



What is a keyless entry system?


A keyless entry system is, basically, as the name suggests, an electronic lock that acts as the control point for access to a building or car without using the conventional metal key. With keyless entry systems, you can access- lock and unlock your home or car doors from within a few yards by simply pressing a button on a remote. This remote can also perform other functions like putting the windows up and down in a car or closing the blinds of your home.


How does keyless entry function?


A few years ago, electronic keys used to rely on infrared signals to work. Today, TV remote control units and emotes for other home appliances still use infrared signals. However, in the latest models of electronic keys, the functioning is dependent on radio signals. Because of radio signals, these keys can function as both- receivers as well as transmitters.


Some cars might need a miniature button on the doors to be depressed in order to access, lock and unlock them with keyless entry systems. Other car models use a capacitive discharge switch on the handle with keyless entry systems where just by touching the handle, you can lock and unlock the doors and boot. Touch activation has been used widely in elevators and is not a new technology. However, it has been recently incorporated in keyless entry systems for cars.


Why go for keyless entry system?


Never lose the key


If you tend to lose your keys quite often, keyless entry systems are the ideal choice for you. Actually, the radio signal antennae of the system are configured to detect if the key is inside or outside the car. So, if you inadvertently leave your keys inside the car, the antennae will notify the key’s location as inside the car.


Safety comes first


To help prevent unauthorized access to your car while you are driving, a keyless entry system is designed to detect if the key is within the car’s cabin. A keyless entry is more secure, safe and better option against mechanical metal keys on any given day.


Garland Locksmith Pros is your one-stop destination for keyless entry and other lock services


At Garland Locksmith Pros, our technicians as well as engineers come with a lot of industry experience. Additionally, we give them proper and rigorous training while they are on the job. Our staff is provided with the latest technology and equipment plus tools needed for keyless entry system installation and repair. They have the required knowledge and skill set to deal with different kinds of traditional, conventional as well as contemporary models of cars.


Our team is also given due training so they can properly understand the workings of new technologies and latest car models in the market. Garland Locksmith Pros will not only make sure that your keyless entry system is installed properly and safely but will also do a thorough safety check. In case of any troubles later, we are just a call away – available 24/7 Monday through Sunday on our customer care helpline (469) 333-2599 in Garland, Texas and surrounding areas.


You can write to us at to find out more about our services and price range. To book an appointment online, you can request a service here. We charge a standard $29 Service Call fee. At Garland Locksmith Pros, there are no hidden charges or fees, and our technicians provide you with the full cost and explanation of charges before performing the work. We also provide special discounts and offers to loyal customers round-the-year. To know about our ongoing promotions, click here.



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