High-security grade 1 locks: Purpose, applications and importance

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High-security grade 1 locks: Purpose, applications and importance

When running a business, the security and safety of assets, real estate and human resources are of utmost importance. There can be no compromise when it comes to this. It is important to secure the premises at all times with the best possible security and surveillance systems. From CCTV to high-security Grade 1 cameras and deadbolts to other commercial lock services- Garland Locksmith Pros takes care of each and every aspect of security and safety for your business or commercial space.


One such high-end service that we provide is the installation and maintenance of high-security grade 1 locks. High-security Grade 1 locks are the highest quality, and the most reliable deadbolts you can have. These Grade 1 locks have the highest level of security and they are suitable for commercial buildings and residential deadbolts.


Understanding lock grades


According to The American National Standards Institute or The ANSI standards, a standard scale is used to grade locks. Each grade specifies minimum acceptable requirements for various elements, such as operation, pull strength, key torque cycles, impact resistance as well as finish. The ANSI grading system is used for locks produced and sold within the United States and Canada. It helps you understand the overall performance of the lock and also helps you choose the right lock for your home, office or complex.


Before you go for purchasing a high-security Grade 1 lock, you must understand the grades and level of security that comes with each grade of lock. Thenafter, you can make an informed decision on the basis of your purpose of the lock and other factors.


Three different types of lock grades


ANSI Grade 1


These are heavy-duty commercial security systems, specifically designed for withstanding against high traffic and modeled for providing superior security. Being the strongest grade, these locks can also be used for residential applications, but their main applications are found in commercial and industrial spaces. So, if you are looking for high security systems for your business, these locks are the most ideal choice. At Garland Locksmith Pros, we help you chose Grade 1 locks from some of the most reliable and trusted suppliers and brand names.


ANSI Grade 2


These are right below the Grade 1 locks. These security systems are also heavy-duty but of course not as much as Grade 1. These locks are ideal for high residential security or low commercial security purposes. These locks are designed to offer better security and reliability for homes while light security for commercial spaces. If you have a shop or a studio, these locks are perfect for you.


ANSI Grade 3


These are basic residential security locks that meet the lowest acceptable quality standards for locks by the ANSI. They are used in day-to-day lives for basic security in routine lives. To lock up a small garage space or an unused empty room, these locks can be used.


Knowing how to choose the right lock


It is advised to consult a professional locksmith if you are looking to go for a Grade 1 lock. Only professionals can help you understand what exactly you need, which model would be perfect for the safety of your commercial space and office area. Naturally, for business owners, high-security Grade 1 locks are ideal but there is no dearth of model choices and design options in these security systems as well. A professional locksmith from Garland Locksmith Pros can help you make the right choice.


Our well-trained technicians provide state-of-the-art high-security grade 1 locks and also help maintain as well as install your commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services. You lost your car key, find yourself in a car lockout situation, and need a locksmith in the middle of the night, worry not. Simply give us a call at our 24/7 customer support number (469) 333-2599, and our friendly customer support staff will extend you all the help.


We value our customers more than anything and like giving them small tokens of gifts time and again for the constant support and appreciation that they have shown towards us. We constantly try and come up with attractive discount offers for our customers. To enjoy these offers, simply make a request by filling out our e-application form.

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