Why deadbolts are the ultimate locks for 100 percent safety

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Why deadbolts are the ultimate locks for 100 percent safety

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A deadbolt lock is a security system or basically a locking mechanism that can make a door more resistant to entry without the correct key. It is a high-security lock that is most commonly used to complement a spring bolt lock on an entrance door.


Types of deadbolt locks


There are various types of deadbolt locks depending on it shape, size and application. Below we are sharing some of the most common types of deadbolts:


Single cylinder deadbolt lock: A single cylinder deadlock can accept a key on one side of the lock; however, it is operated by a twist knob which is on the other side. These are common in homes, shops and office entrance doors.


Double cylinder deadbolt lock: A double cylinder lock can accept a key on both sides and does not require any twist knob unlike single cylinder deadbolt lock. Sometimes, double cylinder locks are banned as they are seen as violations of the fire safety regulations. These are commonly used in garage spaces, storage areas and big office buildings.


Some lock manufacturers produce a “lockable” knob. In these dead locks, a key is always needed on one side (mostly external), and a twist knob, internally, can be used on the other.


Vertical deadbolts: Another variant of the standard deadbolt model is the vertical deadbolt, invented by Samuel Segal, vertical deadbolts resist jimmying. So, if an intruder inserts a pry bar between the door and the jamb attempting to pry the bolt out of the door, vertical deadbolts can help provide security.


Other types of deadbolts include classroom-function (thumb-turn only unlocks door), exit-only function (no external cylinder), push-button deadbolt (mechanical or electrical) single cylinder with removable thumb-turn among others.


Who needs deadbolt installation and repair services?


Any commercial or residential building that requires an extra layer of sturdy protection, can be installed with a deadbolt lock system. These locks are secure and robust and provide 100 percent safety. Here we are sharing a list of some people who can use deadbolt locks for the safety and security of life, property and assets.


Commercial buildings like banks, schools, hospitals and colleges


If you run/own a commercial property, say for example a bank, hospital or school, you should consider deadbolt locks to secure the premises and avoided any troubles at workplace.


Residential properties, especially the ones with big front areas


People who have big gardens and open front areas, might also consider getting a deadbolt lock, especially if there are children in the house. You never know when they quietly try and sneak out. Deadbolts will keep them in check.


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