Why does your commercial property need panic bars?

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Why does your commercial property need panic bars?

Panic Bars

In the commercial hardware industry, safety can be a major concern. From sudden fire breakouts to unfortunate shooting incidents- we have learnt about the importance of quick, easy exit systems in commercial buildings throughout history from tragic incidents. In case of a fire or any other emergency situation, safe exits can save lives and that is why your commercial property needs panic bars or push bars.



How do panic bars or push bars work?


Panic bars or push bars are basically an emergency exit system or device installed on doors and to allow fast and easy exit. Also known as a crash bar panic device, this system unlatches the door without a key or any other unlocking maneuvers. It features a spring-loaded touchpad or crossbar that is fixed horizontally across the inside of the door making it easy for occupants to use the device.


The benefits of panic bars/push bars




One of the most obvious, significant and undeniably important benefits of having these devices is the security and safety of people coming in and out of a commercial building. From malls to movie halls and hospitals to educational institutions- every building must have these devices attached to their doors for the safety of occupants in case of an emergency- be it manmade or natural.




These devices come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, models and design and can be customized to suit various types of doors. This makes it easier to have these installed no matter what kind of doors you have.




The panic bars or push bars are generally affordable and genuinely priced. Plus, in the long run they are cost efficient. The thing is, in most states, it is mandatory to have these devices attached to your exits and entrances by the law. And, you might have to pay a hefty fine if you get caught in a random audit or inspection.  In addition, not to mention the invaluable lives that these doors can save in case of emergencies or mishaps.


Decreased Insurance Rates


With these mechanisms attached, you can save further money because you might have to pay low insurance rates. Many companies take these things into consideration while incurring these charges to your commercial property.


From money savings to the safety of life and property, these devices are a win-win situation and there is absolutely no doubt that you must have these installed to all the doors in your commercial property.


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