Here is why biometric locks are the way forward

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Here is why biometric locks are the way forward

Are you looking for lock services? Are you planning to upgrade security on your property? Have you considered biometric locks? You should know that biometric locks are the way forward. Here is why:


Biometric locks are a must-have especially for commercial properties. But to understand the advantages of this lock system, first, we must understand what biometric really means. The dictionary definition of biometrics is that it is a process by which certain unique characteristics of a person like fingerprint or eye scan can be used to determine the identity of that person. In today’s digital world, the advent of biometrics has made personal identification much easier. When the principles of biometrics are applied to door locks, the result is, of course, increased safety as well as recorded data of who enters and leaves a certain premises.


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Before that, let us share some of the most popular advantages of biometric locks, so you can make an informed decision:


Fingerprints are unique and cannot be hacked


No two people in this world have the same set of fingerprints. Each fingerprint is unique to each individual and this ensures 100 percent security. If your biometric lock does not recognize the fingerprints of anyone attempting to gain entry into your property, that individual will be denied access. Unlike password-based locks, there is no possibility of this type of door lock to get hacked.


With biometric locks, you do not have to worry about lost keys or cards


If you tend to lose keys or swipe cards quite often, biometric lock is perfect for you. If you end up losing your master keys, you will have to go for a lock change for the entire property. This can not only be an expensive affair but also a major inconvenience. The same would hold true for a security swipe card. The cost of replacing those can also be quite high. This is where a biometric fingerprint lock is unique- no one can lose a fingerprint! Thus, with biometrics, not only is your lock system secure but no unwanted person can gain access unless your lock system is programmed to recognize that particular person’s fingerprint! But if you end up losing your key or swipe card, and someone finds if before you realize, there are chances of break-ins and theft!


Difficult to hack or override


Standard biometric fingerprint lock systems are difficult, if not entirely impossible, to hack or override. Other types of keyless security systems, such as locks with key cards or passwords can be hacked by a professional criminal but not even experts can hack a fingerprint-based biometric security system. The logic is simple- the fingerprints of the individual attempting to gain access to your property either match those fed in the system, or they don’t. If the prints don’t match, the door won’t open, and the trespasser won’t be granted access.


More secure than traditional security systems


Traditional locks can be easily picked or copied by thieves and robbers.  Criminals can make duplicate copies of traditional door locks putting your loved ones as well as your assets in jeopardy. Let us say for example that you own a business like a medical or dental practice, or a counseling center and someone breaks in and steals sensitive confidential information. That could lead to ethical ramifications and your entire life’s work would be at risk. This could end your career!


However, with biometric lock systems, these risks are minimal, and you eliminate chances of anything like this happening. If you need help with biometric locks or other lock services, Garland Locksmith Pros is a trusted brand name in Garland, Texas. Our expert team will not only help you choose the right security system but will also help you install and maintain your locks. 


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