Do you need a commercial locksmith to install magnetic door locks in your property?

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Do you need a commercial locksmith to install magnetic door locks in your property?

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Being an owner of a commercial property, entails a lot of accountability and responsibility. Risking the safety of your property is just not an option. What with all the commercial investments and dreams attached to your property.


Everyone wants the best security systems for their commercial property for extra security, such access control systems or magnetic door locks. For those looking for a better than standard security at their commercial space, magnetic door locks are the way to go.


If you are looking for commercial locksmiths for installation or repair of magnetic door locks in Garland, Texas are, Garland Locksmith Pros is your one-stop destination. Our expert technicians can integrate these systems with your building’s management system to turn off unnecessary lighting or heating in unoccupied areas. This helps you save cost on energy bills while also helps the environment by reducing wastage of resources. Garland Locksmith Pros is your ideal one-stop destination for commercial locksmith services like magnetic door locks among others. Write to us at to learn more about our services!


What is magnetic door lock?


A magnetic lock, also known as maglock or electromagnetic lock is a locking device or security system that consists of an armature plate and electromagnet. Generally, the electromagnet is attached to the door frame and the armature plate is attached to the door. The two components come in contact when the door is closed.


Why go for magnetic door locks for your commercial property?


A magnetic door lock is secure and an ideal choice for your commercial property. Since this lock uses an electric current to produce magnetic force, it has increased strength. Owing to the current, doors can withstand pressure and hence can’t be forced open without the application of the confirmed access method. This ensures safety.


These doors are ideal for airports, banks, office spaces, institutions, corporatebuildings, hospitals and even schools and colleges.


Some common benefits of maglocks:


  • You can enjoy long-term cost savings on key cutting, key replacement etc.
  • There is an elimination of security threats due to lost keys.
  • You can have more information about secure area usage.
  • Remote access control makes controlling the security systems more manageable and eliminates chances of human error etc.
  • These door locks are durable and do not wear out easily.
  • These door locks ensure added security and safety against unwanted elements.
  • These magnetic door locks are easy to install and professionals at Garland Locksmith Pros can do it for you at reasonable costs.


Go with Garland Locksmith Pros for magnetic door locks and other commercial, residential as well as automotive locksmith services


If you live in Garland, Texas or surrounding areas, we at Garland Locksmith Pros have got you covered. We can not only help you with magnetic door locks in office spaces and other commercial buildings, but we can also provide you with other lock services like installing new security systems, upgrading lock systems among others.


It is advised to consult a professional locksmith if you are looking to go for lock services. Only professionals can help you understand what exactly you need, which model would be perfect for the safety of your commercial space and office area. Located in Bellaire, garland Locksmith Pros is a trusted name when it comes to lock services.


Save money and get the best services


Using our online query form you can save both money and time, and make a service request. Additionally, you also get special discounts if you contact us online. However, if your door locks need tending to immediately or you are interested in speaking to one of our expert customer care executives to seek guidance on repairs, feel free to give us a call at (469) 333-2599 or drop us an email with your queries.


Our well-trained staff of expert technicians will make sure that your locks are installed or fixed and functioning properly. Our charges are reasonable with no extra or hidden fees and we strive to provide you with the best services within strict deadlines. Call us to know more about our commercial, residential and automotive locksmith services today!


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