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What to do in a car lockout situation?


The moment you realize that you are in a car lockout situation, panic dawns upon you and you might get a little anxious. However, since you are reading through this page, if you are in such a situation right now, please remember that the first thing is to calm down. Breathe in, breathe out and first please double check your lock. Sometimes, it just gets stuck and might spring open at the second or third attempt. If that does not work, follow the below-mentioned steps and everything will be alright:



Do you have a spare key on you?


Do you have a spare key for your car? Think hard. Is there someone you can call who could bring it to you? Actually, it is always a good idea to have a couple of spare keys ready. You can contact Garland Locksmith Pros for car key duplication services. However, if you haven’t done this before, right now you are in a pickle. But remember to get two to three copies made after this is over.


Do you have roadside assistance?


Let us forget the car key copies for now and think of solution number two. Check if your car insurance policy provides roadside assistance. Confirm by checking with your insurance agent because most car insurance policies don’t automatically include roadside assistance.  When buying a car insurance, do not get fooled by tricky and vague statements like “comprehensive coverage”. Always ask. 


However, even if you have this coverage, it is possible that all services will not be covered. In some instances, when a roadside service professional is unable to gain entry to your car, they might need to call a locksmith on the scene, which may not be covered. Confirm from your agent what your policy will provide.


Check your warranty provisions


New cars always come with warranties, and many of those warranties cover roadside assistance. If you are lucky, the costs of the lockout will be covered. Know exactly what your warranty covers so that you don’t lose out on important benefits.


In case none of the above options work out, you can try to unlock the car door yourself but remember for a DIY door unlock, you will need some tools.


Here are some tips on how to unlock the car door by yourself:


  • First, try to slide a deflated blood pressure machine cuff in the top corner of the driver’s side door.
  • Now, blow the cuff up until there is a visibly small opening in the vehicle. Remember to not over-expand the cuff because it can cause damage to the door.
  • Now, use a wire coat hanger or any other long, thin hard object that can fit in the gap created.
  • Finally, try and squeeze the coat hanger into the opening and hit the unlock button, and see if it works!

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Our expert group is imparted all required training to understand the workings of the most traditional as well as the latest car models in the market. Rest assured, the Garland Locksmith Pros team will not only make sure that your car lockout situation is fixed properly but they will also help you install a new lock or make a new key if needed. You must definitely get a couple of spare duplicates made as well to avoid similar situations in the future. We are just a call away – available 24/7 Monday through Sunday.


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