Safeguard your commercial space with access control systems

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Safeguard your commercial space with access control systems

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Being an owner of a commercial space requires accountability and is a matter of responsibility. If you are the owner or caretaker of a commercial space, you cannot risk the safety of your property. There can be many areas in a commercial building that require extra security, such as the accounts room or the customer files room. To protect confidential data, important papers and cash, it is always a good idea to appoint a small team of authorized personnel who are selectively granted access in those areas and can be held accountable in case if something goes wrong. For this, access control systems are the most ideal choice.


What is access control?

Suitable for physical as well as information security, access control systems allow the selective restriction of access to a place or a resource. If you are looking for commercial locksmith services for access control systems installation in the Garland, Texas area, Garland Locksmith Pros is your one-stop destination.

 At Garland Locksmith Pros, we offer a wide range of lock services where there can be a variety of control points, including turnstile, door, parking gate or elevator. Our state-of-the-art systems rely on meticulously curated user credentials, face, card readers, biometric fingerprints, and pin for electronic authorization of personnel in restricted areas.

Our standard locks contain a stand-alone electric lock, which functions with an operator and a switch as well as a magnetic door. These security systems support card readers and/or biometric readers. We also provide request-to-exit devices that can either be a push-button or a motion detector for our access control systems. When someone pushes the button or the motion detector detects any motion at the door, the alarm is ignored,and the door is opened. This is an important safety feature.

Why do you need access control systems?

 If you are confused by the technicalities of this high-security lock system and the minute details of the functionalities are overwhelming you, fret not- Garland Locksmith Pros is here to help you out. Our engineers come with a minimum of 5-year experience from the industry and are well-trained to help you out with commercial locksmith services like installation, repair and upgradation. Just ring us at (469) 333-2599 and we will get in touch with you at the earliest possible.

 Protection and safety

 When running a commercial complex like an educational institution, an office or a hospital, providing a safe environment is of utmost importance. With gun violence at surge in the States and crime rates increasing day by day, no chances can be taken when it comes to the protection and safety of the people.Access control systems ensure maximum security and add an extra layer of protection from unwanted elements.

Restriction of unauthorized access

These high security systems ensure that your commercial property is safe. You have control over who has access to what areas and at what time. This also reduces, if not eliminates, any chances of theft or robbery.

Access to electronic data and reports

With these lock systems, each entry and exit are duly logged and recorded. At Garland Locksmith Pros, our systems allow you to see muster reports that provide real-time information about the location of people. This can come handy in case of emergencies.

Eliminate keys

Access control systems eliminate keys and replace them with swipe cards, tags, fingerprints or sometimes just your mobile phone. The cards and tags are sleek and can be easily carried in your pocket wallets.

Provide remote access

If a person needs access to the building on a Sunday but no-one is on site to let them in, you can provide access to them remotely while monitoring when they come and go from a different location. This saves time and increases efficiency.

Cost efficient and environment friendly

Our expert technicians can integrate these systems with your building’s management system to turn off unnecessary lighting or heating in unoccupied areas. This helps you save cost on energy bills while also helps the environment by reducing wastage of resources.

Garland Locksmith Pros is your ideal one-stop destination for commercial locksmith services like access control systems among others. Write to us at to learn more about our services today!


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